Sunday, June 25, 2017

Blood Knot

Uni Knot

VIDEO – Dolphin eats snook and has fun doing it.

Watch this dolphin play around with the snook before he makes a meal out of him. Crazy stuff right there!

Big Reds

Check out some of this incredible redfish action on the flats. Try to watch the fish.... wink wink. :)

Big Tarpon

Tarpon can show up in the most unlikely of places. You might be looking for reds on the flats and BOOM! Here's your tarpon.

iPhone Lure That Works!

I've seen fishing with a wrench, a butter knife, and even a cigarette butt.  But don't throw your old iPhone out so quick, because they'll apparently work too!

Slim Beauty Knot

Hello again Mel, I've been fiddling with the Slim Beauty as a substitute for the Bimini Twist on my tarpon leaders. I have stress tested over 30 leaders of about 10ft in length. Consisting of...