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    This past Saturday, we had some guys on board from CO here on a little “bachelor party.”

    Headed out with plenty of live bait but the wind was near non-existent in the morning which made kite fishing rather difficult without any helium on the boat.  After trying a couple different trolling methods, we pointed the bow east to go catch some tasty eats.

    Roughly 8 miles offshore, we started sending down a 4 hook chicken rig baited with squid and cut bonita down to the bottom in 780 feet.  Drop after drop, we pulled up rosies 2 to 4 at a time.  With about a dozen and a half we decided we had enough in the box to feed these guys and they weren’t doing too well anyways after their red eye flight.

    We started heading in, but found a really nice rip with a skinny weedline in about 600 feet of water.  We trolled some live baits down it, but didn’t see any action.  Then there was a small glimmer behind the boat and I noticed we were surrounded with hundreds of mahi.  All small schoolies, but we threw jigs, squid, live herring, live goggle eyes, cut herring, cut bonita, cut goggle eyes, pretty much everything we had on board and not a bite.

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