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Well not really. I just made that word up. What it really means is a whole new way to catch fish and have a blast. Reaching back into the my childhood, there was two things I always dreamed of being. First, was a professional fishermen, as a full time guide I can check that box. Second, was a professional surfer, well, that has not quite worked out but I am getting closer.

As Native Watercraft endorsed guide, I have had access to the cutting edge of paddleboard fishing equipment. I purchased my first fishing paddleboard at the beginning of 2009, a Native Osceola, 12 foot of Kevlar fun. This board comes rigged with rod holders, and has a ton of room for coolers and gear. The Osceola, being Kevlar, weighs about 25 pounds, which is awesome to load and launch. A very fishable boat, but I still was not convinced this was the kayak that was going to revolutionize paddleboard fishing.

Then, about a month ago, I received my first order of Versa Boards. Made by Legacy Paddlesports, which produce both Native Watercraft, Liquid Logic and Heritage kayaks. This changes everything. A stand up paddleboard, that to this day, I have had two dozen newbie’s, stand, paddle and fish. No one has fallen over! Everyone loves them. They paddle and track extremely well, and come loaded with accessories.

This is not an advertisement for Legacy Paddlesports. This is a too cool not to share story. For years everyone has tried to find a away to stand and fish in their kayaks.

Outriggers, leaning post, and a bunch of “my kayak is more stable than yours”, talk.

Instead of try to make a more stable fishing kayak, Legacy has produced a super stable paddleboard, that kayaks well and fishes better.

Without going into all the details and specs of the boards, I will let you investigate for yourselves. I have to tell you I have been sight fishing for redfish for weeks now. This article is spawned from a fish I caught this past weekend. I was throwing a gold Aqua Dream Living spoon, in four foot of clear water grass flats. When a 5 pound redfish chased the spoon out of the grass, went under my kayak, missed twice on the starboard side, turned, and BAM. Now if I was not standing, I would of missed the coolest show I have seen this year. These are the images that burn into your mind forever.

Kayak fishing is cool, kayak fishing paddleboards are seriously awesome.

Be Safe, Stand up, Catch Fish

Captain Mike McNamara

St Marks Outfitters

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Neil Taylor
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